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estd 1971

For the never-ending love of the perfect Chicago deep dish pizza pi.

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My Pi is part of Indie Row Bucktown. Click Here for more details

We're crustworthy™.

We make our Chicago deep dish pizza dough like a 5th generation baker would – fresh every day, with 3 perfect rises. You get a sturdier crust that holds all that artisanal cheese and tomato sauce made with a secret recipe of herbs and spices created by our founder in the 1950s.

Both crisp and tender, no fork & knife needed here*.

The pizza here is the best I've ever had
Chicago el train
My Pi Pizza menu

What makes ours the best deep dish pizza in Chicago?

My Pi Pizza vegan menu
What is Chicago deep dish pizza
Pizza, soup, salds, dessert and sandwiches
"The service has always been great, and I appreciate that you can opt to get your pizza delivered sliced or unsliced."
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Serving the best Chicago deep dish and tavern style pizza since 1971.

History of deep dish pizza in Chicago

We offer counter service for indoor dining in our all seasons-heated tent

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Check out a video of our all seasons-heated tent below:

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*This is just one of the reasons why The Hungry Hound, Steve Dolinsky, picked My Pi as one of the best deep dish pizzas for his book, Pizza City USA…. And for My Pi to be one of the stops on his pizza tours. Book your own tour here.
Why Chicago's Food Guy, Steve Dolinsky, thinks My Pi Pizza is the best deep dish

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