Valentine's Day

Surprise your sweetie on Valentine's Day with a heart-shaped pizza from My Pi.  It's quick, easy & inexpensive so you can save up for the Big Wow on the weekend at that spa or high end restaurant.


My Pi originated the heart-shaped deep dish pizza over 40 years ago.  Here are the details:


On February 14th My Pi Pizza will be offering heart shaped pizzas in honor of Valentine's Day. For four decades My Pi has been selling heart shaped pizzas to help Chicago pizza-lovers demonstrate their "amoré" to their loved ones.

My Pi will be offering heart shaped pizzas in a small or medium size of our famous Unique Pizza in the Pan deep dish or in small, medium, or large size in our tantalizingly crispy thin crust.  Prices for heart shaped pizzas are the same as our low everyday prices.  Also available as a VEGAN pizza.

Heart-shaped pizzas can be ordered & picked up any time on February 14th during business hours (11 a.m. - 9 p.m.) or if you're in our delivery area, we can deliver it right to your door during our normal delivery hours.

To order call My Pi at 773-394-6900 or order online by clicking the link to our “order online” button.

We, also, ship our heart-shaped pizzas nationwide.  To have them shipped go to our "Ship Pizza" link.