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    What makes             so special?

1. Secret recipe of herbs & spices.


Our tomato sauce is flavored with a secret recipe of herbs and spices created by my father in the 1950s to give our pizza its unique flavor.


We use San Marzano tomatoes, which are grown in the lush valley area around Modesto, California. They are vine-ripened, so they develop a full sugar taste. Most tomatoes are double or triple cooked when canned.


My Pi’s tomatoes are single cooked so they keep their firmness and bright taste Only a small amount of tomatoes are canned in this manner. We believe the tomatoes grown in this area are superior to the San Marzano’s grown in Italy. The Italian version is higher in acidity and not as sweet.

Deep Dish Pizza
Best Pizza in Chicago

2. Fresh homemade dough!


My Pi’s deep-dish dough recipe was developed by my father, a fourth-generation baker, whose family came to the United States from Bialystock, Belarus in 1905.

My Pi’s recipe is made fresh every day and timed so the third “proofing” of the dough is in the oven - the way all bread products should be developed.


That is why My Pi pizza has a wonderful, fresh yeast taste and crispness that remains tender to the bite.

3. Great Ingredients!


We use a combination of up to four different cheeses in our different types of pizzas. All are artisan made in central Wisconsin, where we believe the best quality mozzarella is made with milk from grain-fed dairy cows.


Our sausage is fresh primal cut meat flavored with herbs and spices to be compatible with our tomato sauce.


It is important to note that our thin crust, deep dish, and stuffed pizzas use different tomatoes, sausages, spices, cheese, and dough, so each pizza is made to have unique characteristics favorable to each type of pizza.


We make our salads to order using the freshest ingredients. We don’t make salads in advance like other places and let them sit around till you purchase them. We put it together when you order them.


Try our unique mandarin orange vinaigrette! It’s made from our homemade mandarin orange vinegar and best of all we make it naturally lower in fat than most vinaigrettes.

Best Soup in Chicago
Thin pizza Chicago

4. Each Pizza is Unique


Cheese: We use a combination of up to four different cheeses in our different types of pizzas. All of our cheeses are artisan-made in central Wisconsin, where the best quality mozzarella is made with milk from grain-fed dairy cows.


Tomato Sauce: Our tomato sauce is flavored with a special blend of herbs and spices to give it its unique flavor. Most pizzerias use just plain tomatoes straight out of the can and add no spices to enhance the pizzas flavor.



Small pizza is 9 inches & serves 1-2

Medium pizza is 12 inches & serves 3

Large pizza is 14 inches & serves 4


Carryout & Delivery: We prefer to not cut our deep dish pizza if you are carrying out or having it delivered. By not cutting the pizza, there are no avenues for the pizza sauce to seep down to the crust & make it soggy. Therefore, the pizza will arrive at its destination with a crisper crust & it will be a better pizza.

5. All Our Desserts Are Homemade

Chocolate Chip Cookies: Our chocolate chip cookies are made from real grade AA butter, farm fresh eggs, pure cane sugar, Hershey’s chocolate chips and our secret ingredient.


Brownies: Our brownies are made with all natural ingredients. We use Callebaut imported Belgian chocolate, farm fresh eggs, real grade AA butter, and lots of our secret ingredient.


Cheesecake: Our cheesecake is a 30 year old family recipe. It’s sweet, creamy, & delicious. And we’ve added a lot of our secret ingredient.


Chef Richie’s Chocolate Insanity™: 
(Limited availability because it just takes so long to make!)
We put 5 different Chocolate Confections in one:
Flourless chocolate cake with a chocolate truffle filling, coated in a chocolate ganache surrounded by a semi-sweet chocolate tower, and drizzled with white chocolate.

Made with Callebaut Belgian Chocolate


Cheesecake Chicago

Our secret ingredient is “love of food”

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