Welcome to My Pi Pizza

Thin Crust

Each Pizza is Unique

Most pizzerias use the same dough, sausage, cheese and sauce in varying weights for each variety of pizza so they all taste the same. It is important to note that our thin crust, deep dish, and our stuffed pizzas use different tomatoes, sausages, spices, cheese, and dough so each pizza is made to have unique characteristics favorable to each type of pizza.

Our Pizza Ingredients:

Cheese: We use a combination of up to four different cheeses in our different types of pizzas. All of our cheeses are artisan-made in central Wisconsin, where the best quality mozzarella is made with milk from grain-fed dairy cows.

Tomatoes: We use San Marzano tomatoes, which are grown in the lush fertile area around Modesto, California. They are vine ripened to develop a full sugar taste. Most tomatoes are double or triple cooked when canned. My Pie’s tomatoes are single cooked to keep their firmness and bright taste. Only a small amount of tomatoes are canned in this manner. It is our opinion that the tomatoes grown in this area are superior to the San Marzanos grown in Italy. The Italian version is higher in acid and not as sweet.

Tomato Sauce: Our tomato sauce is flavored with a special blend of herbs and spices to give it its unique flavor. Most pizzerias use just plain tomatoes straight out of the can and add no spices to enhance the pizzas flavor.

Sausage: Our sausage is made from fresh primal cuts of meat flavored with herbs and spices which complement our tomato sauce.

Sizes: Small pizza is 12 inches & serves 1-2. Medium is 14 inches & serves 2-3. Large pizza is 16 inches & serves 3-4. Family size (only available in Northbrook) is 20 inches & serves 5.