Welcome to My Pi Pizza

Previous My Pi locations

People all over have been wondering about the history of My π and where the locations were.  Here is a list. (at least, what I have been able to pry out of my parents and what I remember)

The first My π was in Roger’s Park, Chicago, at 6568 N. Sheridan Road.  Across from the Loyola-Chicago University campus.  It was opened on August 24, 1971 by my father.

The second My π location (a franchise), which was the first deep dish pizza restaurant ever opened outside of the Chicagoland area, opened on November 28, 1973 in Miami Beach, Fl.

Followed by:

November 1974  Tulsa, OK (FR)
August, 19, 1975 Golden Valley, MN (FR)
November 1975  Oklahoma City, OK (FR)
February 1976  Boulder, Co (FR)
July 1976  Norwalk, Ct (FR)
July 13, 1976  Glen Ellyn, IL (FR)
July 12, 1977  Hicksville, NY (Long Island) (FR)
April 25, 1978  Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL (AFO)
August 23, 1978  Phoenix, AZ (FR)
January 1979  Dadeland, Miami, Fl (FR)
June 1979  Kendale Lakes, Miami, FL (FR)
November 1979  Edina, St. Paul, MN (FR)
June 17, 1980  Massapequa, NY (Long Island) (FR)
September 2, 1980 Fort Wayne, IN (FR)
September, 1981  My Pie, Too Hubbard Woods, Winnetka, IL (AFO)
July 1982  Gainesville, FL (FR)
January 26, 1984 Wilmette, IL (AFO)
May 31, 1984  Wheeling, IL (AFO)
March 18, 1985  Re-opening of Glen Ellyn (AFO)
April 1985  Huntington, NY (Long Island) (FR)
May 26, 2000  Bucktown, Chicago, IL (AFO) (2010 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL)
June 16, 2009  Northbrook, IL (AFO)

(Fr = Franchise,  AFO = Aronson Family Owned)

By the time Uno’s opened it’s first restaurant outside of Illinois, My π had 16 locations in 9 states.

My father semi-retired and shut down all the franchised locations by the early 1990’s.  Then in 2008, he fully retired by closing his last location, the Lincoln Park, Chicago restaurant.  Thereby leaving my location as the only true My π restaurant.

Some fun facts:

The reason why our pizza tastes the same as it did when we first opened in 1971 or at any of our franchised locations is because we’ve used the same Wisconsin dairy to make the same mozzarella cheese, the same tomatoes, Italian sausage and flour to make our pizzas.  My dad had any key ingredients that couldn’t be obtained locally, shipped to every restaurant.

The original My π location in Roger’s Park, Chicago closed in 1995.